Discover How You Can Harmonize With The Moon To Consciously Manifest Your Heart’s Every Desire

And it can profoundly influence your ability to consciously create the life you so deeply desire. 

If you’ve suspected, even just for a moment, that there’s infinitely more to the bright orb in the night sky… that there are magical, enchanting lunar forces which play an integral part in your life… 

You’re onto something! 

Since the beginning of dawn, the moon and its magnetic energy has been an unwavering confidante to humankind. 

From farmers who used it to decide when crops should be harvested, to hopeless romantics who believed the magical spark of first love was under its influence… all the way to sailors who used it to gauge when the seas were exactly right for voyage. 

And just as the moon pulls on the ocean’s tides, it influences our water-filled bodies. Our emotions, mental state, and deep soul urges all sway to its ever-changing, mystical vibrations. 

So what does this mean for you? 

If you flow effortlessly with the rhythms of each lunation, you can manifest unprecedented levels of abundance and joy.  

It all starts when you…. 


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The moon is one of the most powerful cosmic architects...

The moon is one of the most powerful cosmic architects...

I’m sure you’ll agree that the lunar forces are too potent to ignore. 

But know this: if you want to sync effortlessly into the sacred rhythms of the universe, so you can supercharge your manifesting potential…

You must be READY for each and every one of these magical lunations.  

See, the Moon is the fastest transit in Astrology -- if you’re not ready to align with its ever-changing energies using guided rituals, you will miss your chance to ride the powerful collective wave. 

We want nothing more than for you to experience the one-of-a-kind power of each lunar cycle, so you can bring your every heart’s desire to fruition. 

Open the floodgates using the mysterious and potent power of the New Moon…

Each phase of the moon invites a unique sensory experience, all orchestrated by the divine to make you a master creator. 

The New Moon, however, is your doorway to this powerful creative portal. 

It’s the source and the starting point of all manifestations, and the axis on which your most profound personal transformation hinges. 

What makes this particular lunation so magical? 

It reveals you to yourself.

As the New Moon rises, it aligns perfectly with the sun, and a darkness envelopes the sky…

Giving you a blank canvas on which you can paint your dream life into existence... 

Inviting you to tap into its magical powers, so you can manifest anything from your surface desires to your deep soul urges. 

If you’ve ever wondered what it is you were brought onto this earth to express and fulfill… the New Moon offers a door-marked entry into your divine destiny. 

And when you step boldly into that powerful portal….

You Can Harness The Full Force of the Abundant Universe

As you’ve seen, each and every phase of the moon invites you to pursue a specific intention -- all culminating in the BIGGEST breakthrough transformation of your life. 

Once you’ve tapped into the regenerative power of the New Moon… 

The Waxing Crescent allows you to root your ideas and intentions in fertile ground. It’s your gentle reminder to take focused, decisive action to make your dreams a reality. 

The First Quarter is your cue to sync into your true essence and live courageously in your authenticity. This powerful lunation will help you connect to your highest intuitive self. 

The Waxing Gibbous is a time to forge ahead with unstoppable momentum. Your seeds of intention will begin to bear fruit, and you’ll start to see your desires take material form. 

The Full Moonand its enchanting light, marks a celebration. By the time this lunar cycle comes around, your intentions would’ve been brought to ultimate fullness... leaving you to bask in a reality so blissful, you couldn’t have dreamed it! 

The Waning Gibbous, calls on you to take a moment to journey within, to become a student again, and to download the valuable lessons that have come with the preceding lunar cycles. 

The Third Quarterinvites you to look deep within to diagnose the internal blocks and barriers which are preventing you from up-leveling your manifesting power to unattained levels. 

The Waning Crescentrequires that you recalibrate your energy, release all that no longer serves you, and make way for the next moon cycle to come into its glorious power. 

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Get Your New Moon Report TODAY For Only $7

You Can Harness The Full Force of the Abundant Universe

Open the floodgates using the mysterious and potent power of the 
New Moon

The moon is one of the most powerful cosmic architects...

Discover How You Can Harmonize With The Moon To Consciously Manifest Your Heart’s Every Desire

In this report you'll discover:

Introducing the New Moon Report